Development Management

We offer development management services to help partners and nonprofit organizations realize capital project concepts. The DBI team works closely with clients to define project goals, build legal and financial frameworks, design work plans, and oversee all aspects of construction. Our systematic approach turns development concepts into operational realities.

  • Planning

    — Define and shape initial goal
    — Create operational model
    — Research feasibility and financing structures

  • Finances & Entitlement

    — Develop financial and legal structure
    — Identify capital partners and equity sources
    — Secure funding
    — Manage entitlements
    — Interface with community stakeholders

  • Construction & Operations

    — Establish and implement work plan
    — Manage construction and entitlements
    — Close out and implement operational model

Project Management

We provide project management services for every phase of a project’s life cycle. We value early presentation planning and the setting of realistic budgets. We operate with a client-focused philosophy that emphasizes consistent, transparent communication.

  • Planning

    — Conduct feasibility studies
    — Establish project strategy and work plan
    — Prepare financial and programming analysis
    — Develop project budget and schedule
    — Assemble project team

  • Pre-Construction

    — Coordinate design process
    — Manage public agencies filings and approvals
    — Lead procurement, bidding, and price negotiation
    — Value engineer projects to maintain budget and schedule

  • Construction

    — Control work flow and coordination
    — Oversee budget and schedule
    — Coordinate contractors, vendors, and other team members

  • Close Out

    — Manage punch list completion and commissioning
    — Reconcile final public agency items
    — Close out project finances

Real Estate Advisory

DBI’s real estate advisory practice develops strategic real estate opportunities for organizations worldwide. Our team works closely with clients and partners to define project goals, conduct financial analyses, position assets, and manage implementation. We prepare clients to make tactical real estate decisions that support their programmatic needs.

  • Research

    — Survey client needs
    — Conduct feasibility studies
    — Conduct local market research
    — Conduct code and zoning research

  • Financial Analysis

    — Calculate capital budget requirements
    — Value assets
    — Analyze programming value propositions

  • Repositioning

    — Devise end use recommendations
    — Find potential end users in industry class
    — Develop multiple options in monetizing assets

  • Implementation

    — Take property through rezoning & development
    — Negotiate with end users
    — Manage entire development process