Ansche Chesed Synagogue
New York, NY

DBI Projects collaborated with Ansche Chesed Synagogue in the Upper West Side on their exciting $8M facility renovation. The historic congregation had a series of important objectives for the milestone project; to make the facility more welcoming, increase accessibility for community members and make the spaces lighter and brighter. After being asked to join the project team at a challenging moment during construction, DBI established a new path to successful completion so the congregation could enjoy their new space in time for the High Holidays.

Ansche Chesed’s current historic facility was built in 1927 by architect Edward I. Shire and contains a social hall (Hirsch Hall), the social hall annex (gym), and an attached six-story community house. DBI commenced work with Ansche Chesed during phase two of the project. Phase one, which included their fifth-floor professional office suites, was complete, and construction had commenced for phase two which included Hirsch Hall, the social hall annex, 100th Street lobby, and the donor wall.

Upon joining the project, DBI developed a clear execution plan for board approval. DBI proceeded to manage that plan, including resolving pending construction scope items, overseeing corrective work, driving timely completion of remaining scope, structuring and aligning of funding sources and uses, administering cost control, and coordinating tenant and operational needs.

Through strong collaboration between DBI, the architect, the board and executive team, the general contractor, and the specialty consultants, the renovations have reached completion and the congregation has settled into their upgraded space.