Palazzo Capizucchi
Rome, Italy

DBI Projects managed the restoration and transformation of a centuries-old palazzo in the historic center of Rome. DBI led the property search and negotiation that resulted in the leasing of the Palazzo Capizucchi, a 16th-century edifice that once served as a residence for church leaders. It will now serve as an academic facility for the nonprofit Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) – a transformation that involved DBI’s dedicated coordination of project consultants and navigation of national and local governments in deciphering an intricate change-of-use process. DBI then managed the renovation and refitting of the space, working closely with local architect AeV, local restoration experts and New York City-based designer CIVILIVN to incorporate into the overall design the furniture and art pieces that have been passed down through the landlord’s family for generations.

The incorporation of the Palazzo Capizucchi’s singular history into the daily experience of CIEE students will serve to enrich their study abroad, and as such, DBI would like to thank all contributors who worked in tandem to deliver on this challenging and beautiful project. Local artisans labored for nearly a year to preserve the wood-carved ceilings, hand-laid terrazzo tile, marble fireplace and doorways, and crystal chandeliers, combining such ornate relics with locally crafted modern furniture to brighten and modernize the space. Additionally, the palazzo underwent an extensive structural reinforcement due to the area’s seismic activity. Notwithstanding the foreign procedures and regulations, DBI led the project to completion within schedule and budget. The refurbished space includes classrooms, offices, a library, an assembly area, and a lobby/reception that will welcome students from all over the world to partake in CIEE’s educational program.