DBI is unique in our offering of a full range of Project Management, Owner’s Representation, Development Management, Real Estate Advisory, and Surety Consulting services. Our approach is tailored to the specific needs of each project, but often includes some combination of the following services:

DBI frequently comes in on the ground floor of a project to help our clients in defining their goals and expectations from technical, financial, and operational perspectives. We specialize in assessing the opportunities available in order to develop tangible, actionable, and sustainable solutions. READ MORE

  • Real Estate Advisory

  • Master Planning and Project Implementation Planning

  • Capital Planning

  • Sustainability Planning

Once a path forward is determined, DBI's multidisciplinary expertise informs our recommendations regarding project team procurement, establishment of key project targets, and management of all work via a rigorous tracking and reporting system. Our approach is built on a foundation of clear, concise communication. We put ourselves at the intersection of all information, acting as a resource to our clients to always ensure the project is progressing on budget, per the schedule, and according to the design ambitions. READ MORE

  • Preconstruction Project Management

In order to best direct these plans to fruition, we lead regular project meetings, both with the client and with the full project team, and record all action items and decision milestones through detailed meeting minutes. Through this simple yet effective process, we are able to act as a resource both to our clients to ensure that any vital decisions are made quickly, efficiently, and accurately, and to the project team to ensure all members are tracking work towards both short-term action items and long-term goals. We strive to ensure our clients have all of the information necessary to be an active participant in all discussions and that optionality is presented before any action is a foregone conclusion.


  • Construction Project Management

The core of our charge is fostering positive experiences for stakeholders. We ensure the project is completed on budget, on time, and according to design ambitions, enabling client programs to commence as planned. The final stages of a project are key to its success, as close coordination ensures building occupants are impacted as minimally as possible by construction and that public approvals are granted. READ MORE

  • Construction Close-Out Management

  • Financial Close-Out Management

  • Public Agency Close-Out Management

  • Occupancy Logistics Management

As surety consultants, DBI provides guidance to sureties through every stage of a construction project, from pre-bond to post-default to litigation support, drawing on our extensive boots-on-the-ground experience in the industry. Called on to rescue projects at various stages of incompletion, DBI amplifies the surety’s in-house abilities to achieve the most effective and fair solutions across markets. READ MORE

  • Pre-Bonding

  • Pre-Default

  • Post-Default

  • Project Management

  • Litigation Support

Due to our integrated experience overseeing all aspects of capital projects, we are often engaged to perform targeted assessments specific to certain project scope. READ MORE

  • Real Estate Advisory

  • Construction Auditing

  • Sustainability Advisory

DBI rescues projects at various stages of incompletion by drawing on our significant experience navigating projects through a range of challenging circumstances. We develop customized strategies that respond to project size, type, and completion status to address the unique needs of a distressed project. Through proactive management and an empathetic awareness of the challenges faced by the project team, DBI works collaboratively across stakeholders to correct project trajectory and minimize budget and schedule impacts. Ultimately, DBI aims to shield our clients from the considerable headaches implicit in project takeovers, while achieving a successful completion for projects across sectors and geographies. READ MORE

  • Project Conditions Assessment

  • Completion Scenarios

  • New Workplan Development

  • Project Management