Uncommon Schools Portfolio
Various, NJ

Since 2012, DBI Projects has cultivated a lasting relationship with Uncommon Schools, guiding the network’s development and operation of facilities to support their expansion across the Northeastern United States. On behalf of Uncommon, DBI has completed more than thirty projects over a collective 2,000,000-sf. These projects have included ground-up constructions in addition to others ranging from the renovation of historical buildings, summer projects, and real estate assessments. We have delivered schools in Brooklyn, Camden, Rochester, Boston, and Newark, and have served as interim Director of Facilities for several of their schools.

The complex nature of these successfully-executed projects often involved extensive planning to assess the existing site or building conditions and, in the case of existing facilities, determine how the project can be phased to allow for portions of the facility to be used by the schools during construction.

This summer, DBI will deliver a new 72,000-sf ground-up high school for the Camden community, seeing the K-8 students across two nearby facilities, whose development was also managed by DBI, merge into one facility. Simultaneously, DBI is managing the development of another ground-up high school in Boston, scheduled for completion in the Summer of 2024.