JNF-USA Academic Campus
Be'er Sheva, Israel

The Jewish National Fund-USA, a philanthropic organization focused on ensuring a strong, secure, and prosperous future for the land and people of Israel, is developing a world-class, multi-faceted campus in Be’er Sheva. JNF-USA envisions the campus as an ecosystem bringing together high school students, college students, post-graduates, and other adults from around the world to learn, convene, and engage with one another and with the Be’er Sheva community. The campus program is projected to consist of educational facilities, a conference center, short and long-term housing, worship spaces, dining facilities, and gathering and outdoor spaces.

In alignment with JNF-USA’s strategic vision, the campus is set to create thousands of direct and indirect jobs and bring countless visitors to Israel’s Negev region. The campus will serve as the second location for JNF-USA's Alexander Muss High School in Israel, provide a destination for post-graduates interning in Be'er Sheva-based high-tech companies, and provide conference and educational programming for adults of all ages.

DBI Projects was selected to drive the critical planning for the 20-acre campus, translating the organization’s extensive visioning effort to date into an executable capital project plan inclusive of a program, budget, and schedule. "When you embark on a project of this magnitude, you need to partner with those who share your vision and who can deliver,” said World Zionist Village Chair Joe Wolfson. “We are delighted to partner with DBI Projects, which has a track record of successfully delivering for their clients on projects of this scope."

DBI Projects is now supporting JNF-USA through the process of developing a master plan and in the organization's procurement of design and technical teams.